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1987 Hacettepe Medical Faculty

1988-1989 Yozgat ⁄ Mineral County Public hospital, the head of the Department of Health

1990-1991 Apartments Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Department Authority

1991-1995 SB Bakirkoy maternity and women's and children's health teaching and research hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at

SB Bakirkoy maternity and women's and children's Hospital, 1995-2003

I. U. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Perinatology clinic for a period of 3 months in 1998 observer

2003-2011 SB Istanbul education and research hospital

At New Hope Fertility Center in New York Presbyterian Hospital of Cornell University and in 2007 the observer

The Ministry Of Health Of Neonatal Resuscitation Program Trainer


Member Of The Scientific Committee Of The European Aesthetic Genital

Laparoscopy (SB Istanbul education and research hospital - 2004)

Colposcopy (Colposcopy course TJOD program)


Hysteroscopy (SB Istanbul education and research hospital - 2004)

Ultrasonography (I.U. Istanbul Medical Faculty, Obstetrics)


European genital aesthetic (ERSAG) member of the Association of

Turkish Gynecology Society

Association Of Obstetric Ultrasonography

Turkey Maternal fetal medicine and Perinatology society

Istanbul Medical Chamber


Turkish Heart Foundation "2. Heart Week 21-27 May 1990 a certificate of attendance

IX. Gynecopathology Congress, 20-22 May 1992, The Maternal-Perinatal Mortality

4.National Gynecologic Oncology Congress 6-11 November 94

XI. Jineko Zeynep Kamil hospital pathology Congress, 16-18 May 1994 ultrasonography in obstetrics and Gynecology

I.U.Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine 19-21 April 1995 in the auditorium of post-graduate training courses in ultrasound" on XI. Jane Ko-Congress Of Pathology

1. Obstetrics and Gynecology International Congress, 2-6 June 1995, Antalya

II. National Surgery Congress, 14-16 September 1995, Istanbul

Istanbul organized by the Association of Gynecology, post-graduate training course, 22-25 November 1995

Yale Univ. Medical Faculty, University Of Istanbul Faculty. Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics, 8-10 December 1995 post-graduate training course certificate

II. Symposium on menopause and osteoporosis, 27-30 September 1995, Istanbul

Reproductive Endocrinology and infertility, post graduate training course 19-21 April 1995 - Istanbul

I. International Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics - 1996

International Hospital the International Hospital of new horizons seminar which was held October 1996 in Istanbul at 19 gynecological laparoscopy

I. National Bureau. Gynecology Symposium, 10-12 March 1997

XIV. Jineko Pathology Congress, 11-13 June 1997

Ultrasonography in obstetrics and Gynecology Association Congress, 11-15 April, 1998 - Istanbul

Zeynep Kamil women and children's Hospital, XV.Jineko Pathology Congress, 10 - 12 June 1998

Zeynep Kamil women and children's Hospital. Training and research hospital, XVI. "Pediatric and adolescent Gynecology" Congress, 2-4 June 1999

Turkish Association Of Gynecology Post-Graduate Training Course, 21-24 April 1999 - Istanbul

2. International Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics - 1999

3. The Turkish-German Gynecological Association 3.Congress - 1999

Obstetric ultrasonography and fetal imaging Course 16-18 November 2000 Harbiye Military Museum "maternal-fetal medicine and Perinatology the Society for course with

Maternal - fetal medicine & Perinatology Congress, April 6-8, 2000 2000 Eresin Topkapi Hotel - IST

I. D., Reproductive Medicine June 7-10, 2000 2000 - Istanbul

VII. National Gynecologic Oncology Congress 23-27 September 2000 - Istanbul

XVIII. Prenatal diagnosis and genetics Congress gynecopathology, 2001

3. Urogynecology post-graduate course: February 2001

XIX.Jane ko-Pathology Congress "endometrium" on SB Zeynep Kamil women and children's diseases, E. A. H

3. Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics: September 2001. PCOS, ovulation induction

1. International, 2. National reproductive health and family planning Congress, Antalya - 2001

3. National Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Istanbul - 2001

19. The Turkish-German Gynecological Association 4. Congress - 2001

International, 4. National Menopause Congress - 2001

2. Obstetric ultrasonography and fetal imaging course December 12-14 2002 - Istanbul

Maternal and fetal medicine and Perinatology Congress September 2002

Zeynep Kamil women and children's health training and research hospital, XX. Gynecopathology Congress, 19-21 June 2002

Maternal-fetal medicine and Perinatology society, II. Obstetric ultrasonography and fetal imaging Course December 12-14 2002

Obstetric ultrasonography and fetal imaging course 02.05.2003

Maternal-fetal medicine and Perinatology Association of Obstetric ultrasonography and fetal imaging course, 02 May 2003

7.Uludag Gynecology and Obstetrics Winter Congress, 13-16 January 2005

Day cerrahpaşa IVF, IUI course, 9 April 2005

6. The Turkish-German gynecological Association Congress 2005 Antalya

Day Cerrahpaşa IVF, Assisted Reproduction Treatments, The Meeting Of April 8, 2005

Hysteroscopy course certificate tjod, 25 February 2006

2007 Faculty, "Giving bad news", smart art VIII, New York,

TJOD Colposcopy course Program, 18 October 2009

Fertility Preservation Congress, Istanbul 2010

2. RENOWNED Congress 2010

9. National Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics 11-22 May 2011 Antalya

13. National Perinatal Congress&43rd international meeting of organisation gestosis. April 13-16, 2011, Istanbul

18 November 2011.U.Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Cem Demiroğlu Auditorium in Fetal Echocardiography course

10. National Gynecology and Obstetrics Congress, Antalya, 2012

American Hospital "Hysteroscopy Course" 03.03.2013

European University certificate of conformity of cosmetic medicine and surgery

European Cosmetic Vaginal

Surgery Certification

Infertility Days

Fetal Heart Screening 

Certificate of Participation

Zhinekolozhik Oncology Congresses

Health Tourism and Cultural Education

Reproductive Endocrinology

Video Endo-Laparoscopic Surgery Training Certificate

Second International 


Turkish Oncology Pelvic and Reconstruction Association

European University 

Membership Certificate