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Clitoris is the anatomical name of male penis head for women. During the sexual intercourse blood build up escalates and it expands and gets erected. Thickening of the skin tag which covers this structure can deform its outlook & shape and also can cause arousal & orgasm problems during sexual intercourse.

Procedure for surgically removal of the excessive tissue within that area is called clitoris aesthetic (clitoral hood repair). At the end of clitoral hood repair very good result can be obtained on women who experience arousal & orgasm problems during sexual intercourse. As this operation is not mandatory in terms of medical reasons, it is being performed optionally on one’s request.

Clitoris is a up-side-down looing Y shaped organ located within the genital area right at the top of the urethra (urine discharge hole) on top section where small lips join. Clitoris is formed of head and a couple of body sections. Head section is 2-4 cm long and the body section is 7-8 cm long with a spongiform characteristic. Clitoris’s head section which can be seen externally is called clitoris glans and this point is the most sensitive point which during sexual intercourse fills up with blood & gets erected. The body section of clitoris is further deep-set.

Clitoral hood is piece of skin which covers clitoris glans. If this piece of skin has become long, slackened, sagged & become asymmetric which therefore causing discomfort; then by all means it can be surgically corrected. Eventhough the most common cause of clitoral hood and labium enlargement cases is congenital, hormonal effects during puberty, continuous irritation or pregnancy can also be the cause. 

Such excessive skin curve on clitoris decreases female sexual sensitivity. Clitoris being larger than normal leaves physiological effect on people which leads to damaging sexual confidence, furthermore can create embarrassment towards partner.  

This operation – as well as correcting the appearance of clitoris, it also helps women to increase self-confidence by enhancing sexual sensitivity & making orgasm easier. This operation takes about 30 minutes. 

Clitoral hood repair and labioplasty operation can be jointly carried out. If small lips would be greatly minimised clitoris shall be very apparent therefore clitoral hood repair must be carried out together with during labioplasty. Clitoris aesthetic can be carried out solo.

Clitoral hood minimising operation method varies according to sagged tissue. Mostly triangle shape removal and crescent shape removal methods are being used.

After the operation, epithelium based barrier creams must be regularly used together with antibiotics & pain killer as prescribed and approved by your doctor. After toilet visits cleaning from front to back with antiseptic solution. Because the operation area is within a place where infection can easily emerge, hygienic rules must be taken seriously in general and also it is very important to protect particularly operated area against infection which would accelerates healing/recovery period. As in every operation, side effects such as excessive bleeding, infection, nerve damage, scar tissue, colour changes can be experienced during this operation as well.

Majority of the patients can go back their daily routines and take shower next day. After procedure operated area can be swollen and oedematous which such conditions will be gradually get better. Stiches shall dissolve by itself. For six weeks after the operation swimming pool, sea, swimming, horseback riding, cycling and sexual intercourse is not allowed.

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