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Involuntary bladder contractions can develop out of sensory contraction incontinence cause by infection, tumours or lack of oestrogen. All of a sudden patient realises that she cannot control her bladder and this would be followed by failing to reach the toilet in time and urinary leakage. For some patients this condition can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis and also can be seen after intraabdominal operations. Although not known for certain, it is being considered that the cause is deformation of bladder nerves.

Patient suffering from Real Stress Incontinence leaks urine while coughing, sneezing, climbing up the stairs, laughing etc. As in bladder muscle contraction disorder which we name as detrusor instability urinary leakage occurs when resting or following contraction. Urination diary of the case can be useful. Urinary diary is for patient to note number of daily urination and liquid taken by mouth, daily urine amount and involuntary urine leakage times. 

During physical examination other causes/reasons of incontinence are being checked up upon. During examination mostly symptoms such as cystocele, rectocele or uterus prolapse can be seen.  Also pelvic mass can be seen. Incontinence based on lack of oestrogen can be experienced during post menopause period. 

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