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Area called G spot is on the front wall of the vagina, about 3-4 cm within, around urinary canal (urethra) and within the area where secretory glans called “skene glans” are concentrated.

This spot considered as an erotogenic zone like Clitoris has been described as G spot by taking the capital letter of scientist name who identified it.  

Some scientist still considers clitoris as the most concentrated area in terms of erotogenic zone and the existence of G spot is still questioned, they cannot be sure about its existence.

However, many scientist considers G spot as second most sensitive zone following clitoris.

Skene clans scattered on female vaginal front wall have erectile characteristic just like male prostate glands and has secretion generation ability by contracting during sexual intercourse.

Is it Possible to Enlarge G Spot?

Yes. This area known as G spot can be enlarged by certain “filling materials”. As result of G spot enlargement, female pleasure during sexual intercourse increases. Concordantly possibility of orgasm can be provided.

G pot enlargement operations on women are often used for increasing sexual pleasure and treating lack of orgasm conditions.

Some women can only reach orgasm by masturbation while having lack of orgasm problem during sexual intercourse. Such condition is known as “coital anorgasmia”

The enlargement of G spot by filling injection procedure is specially applied to women who experience coital anorgasmia condition.

How does G spot enlargement carried out?

In order to prevent painful experience for the patient, G Spot enlargement procedure is mainly being carried out under sedation (mild) and procedure lasts for about one minute.

G spot enlargement procedures are not like operations and are considered as simpler procedure. After procedure patients can carry out with their normal daily routines. Applied filling shall remain within the vagina for approximately six months. After that it is being absorbed from the body. Procedure can be carried out repeatedly, there shall be no problem.

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