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During a normal childbirth procedure, in order to enable baby’s head to come out easily and also to prevent irregular laceration of the vagina generally a special incision called “episiotomy” is being applied. At the end of the birth procedure episiotomy area is being repaired by re-stitching under local anaesthesia or sedoanalgesia. However, while such area heals for various reason ugly and undesired scare tissue forms.

This scar tissue which sometimes develops due to person’s own tissue structure or re-opening of the episio before tissue union due to various reasons or poor healing process due to dilatory reasons such as diabetics, infection etc. can cause pain (dyspareunia) during sexual intercourse.  Such condition can also lead couples to lack of sexual drive and lack of sexual contentment.

Furthermore vagina with unpleasant appearance and changed after a birth causes women lack of self-confidence, embarrassment feeling towards partner and some physiological problems. 

Procedure for cleaning of the episio scars by removing is called "episio scareptomy”.These operations can be carried out both solo and together with vaginal reduction operations (vaginoplasty operation). You can decide which way to have it during your examination with your doctor.

Episio sacreptomy operation can be easily carried out under local anaesthesia and lasts about 30 minutes. Mild pain & bleeding can be experience after the operation however patients do not feel great deal of discomfort.

Such operations are not mandatory but if such condition causes personal psychological and organic discomfort, can be applied for cosmetic & functional purposes.  Additionally these operations also help to eliminate problems experienced during sexual intercourse such as aches & pains.

These operation are being applied together with vaginal reduction operations which results of the operations extremely please the patients. 

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