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Such illnesses according to their causes can medically and surgically treated. Nowadays, many new methods are available and in use for surgical treatment. These are; ventrally Burh operation or through vagina TVT (transvaginal tape), TOT (transobturator tape). Pre-repair operation can also be performed by Burch operation or Kelly saturation. Success rate is around 85%. Additionally filling injections (periurethral) around urethra can be applied but this method is used seldomly.

Such prolapsed bladder correction can be done by a special operation during vagina tightening and correction procedure. Such operations are being performed by experienced gynecologists and the results have a success rate of 85 -90 %. Whether such operation is necessary or not is generally decided by the gynecologist who examines the patient. Before the operation a proper medical history should be taken. Certain examination must be applied, such as TIT (Complete Urine Analysis), urinary culture, sometimes a special examination called urodynamic, examination for whether there is diabetic or neurological diseases. If appropriate this operation should be performed. Patients generally are being considered as out patients and go home straight after the operation.

After the operation, medicines prescribed by the doctor must be taken regularly as well as dressing must be changed regularly and doctor visits should be done as directed by the doctor. Complete recovery time after those operations are about 30-40 days.

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