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Occasionally due to various reasons vaginal structure can be tighter than normal which such condition would lead to painful intercourse. Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse is called “dyspareunia”. Vaginal stenosis (tightness) rarely can be congenital but mainly caused by certain vaginal operations or by scar tissue forms after narrowing vagina too much during the repair of incision called episiotomy which is applied during natural birth; such tightness can also cause straining during sexual intercourse.

Also after the vaginal operations carried out as a result of bladder and rectum prolapse, vagina can become tighter and shorter than normal. Or following vaginal hysterectomy operation (VAH operation) for uterine prolapse, vagina may get shorter and tighter form than normal.

Vagina getting tighter than normal causes pain during sexual intercourse. It is not possible for a women who experiences pain during intercourse to have sexual satisfaction. Therefore lack of sexual drive and frigidity develops and cause disturbance between partners.

Patient who is experiencing such condition should primarily be examined comprehensively by gynaecologist that she has confidence in. Final diagnosis can only be established after a gynaecological examination and if necessary problem can be eliminated by an operation.

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