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With increasing age body enters a natural aging process, collagen tissue production gets slower, especially patients going through cancer treatment secretion generation in the vaginal mucosa significantly decreases as a result of estrogenic decline after perimenopause or menopause which leads to gradual vaginal dryness and atrofi, infection tendency increases. Furthermore for women with active sexual life vaginal dryness causes excessive strain during sexual intercourse as well as burning and aching sense within the related area. Patient’s life quality shall be negatively effective.

For treatment purpose some vaginal suppositories and creams are being prescribed. However, thanks to the technology developing with ahead spinning speed, instead of using medicine for months recently, we conduct cologne tissue renewal & repair with a single session by creating photothermic effect in the vaginal canal without damaging thermal damage within the tissues. Latest technology Femilift method that we apply in our clinic which enables increase in vaginal canal epithelial thickness and eliminates vaginal dryness is only being used/applied by only few centre.

Indications for Vaginal Dryness (Atrofi);

·         Vaginal dryness, burning and painful sexual intercourse (disparaneu)

·         Pain and burning sense when urinate, thamuria

·         Bleeding during & after sexual intercourse

·         Avoiding sexual intercourse and absence of sexual appetite

·         Extreme stenosis in vaginal canal


Treatment of indications for vaginal dryness (without need for a long term hormonal treatment)

·         Vaginal mucosa repair in the vaginal canal by photothermic effect

·         Treating urinary incontinence during pre or post menopause   

·         Patients having family background with cancer, going through cancer treatment and having vaginal atrofi condition

·         No anaesthesia is required

·         Normally 1 session but sometimes 2 sessions is required

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