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With this operation loosening sense which put out couples during sexual intercourse is being corrected. Furthermore, if any – stress incontinence (urinary incontinence due to reasons such as sneezing, pushing/straining etc.) or other sagging areas can be also corrected. If it is applicable, for improving and embellishing the appearance of the external genital area operation for correction of labium minors (small lips) can also performed jointly.

Vaginal tightening operation is performed on patients who had one or more vaginal delivery or with history of giving birth to a baby with excessive weight. However, if deemed appropriate by the doctor this operation can be performed on patients who yet to give birth but still having vaginal loosening due to structural or any other reason.

Mostly the loosening sense and queefing sound during sexual intercourse can be considered as the indication of loosening. The aim of this operation is to remove & tighten the loose part within the vagina and clinching the connective & muscle tissue underneath for enabling to grip the penis properly.

With increasing age muscle & connective tissue gradually gets weaken and therefore bladder (urinary) and large bowel tend to drop towards to vagina which generally causes patient to suffer from urinary incontinence or discomfort from palpable mass within her vagina. On these patients front and back wall correction procedure is being applied and the part that flaps towards to vaginal wall of the bladder & bowel is being removed. Operation can be perform under local or general anaesthesia. But, for my patients’ comfort, in order to avoid pain and allow appropriate environment to perform the operation, I personally prefer performing the operation under general anaesthesia Operation may last about 30-45 minutes, after resting for 1-2 hours in the observation room following the operation patient can walk & go home. Sexual intercourse is allowed after 4-5 weeks. Because self-dissolving catgut is being used there is no need to remove stitches. It is rather pleasing and satisfactory operation.

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